Monday, March 24, 2008


As I logged on to orkut I saw several of them with taglines such as "the last miles", " time to leave my family" and so on with everyone expressing their myriads of emotions on the last few days of BSS. To some it felt like a prisoner free ater years while to many others it seemed like the end of their so called mastis , their life ,their love.
At the beginning I was glad that yes its atlast time for us to leave that perfect hell but as time passed on I began to realize that to leave the perfect hell I have to leave my perfect abode too. Where else will I find some of my best friends and the most memorable moments? Now with all this in my mind I felt a little less happy but a little more sorrow at having to leave the place where I spent fourteen long years of my life.
Things that I miss -----
# neverending chats
# sleeping in classes
# special classes taken by special teachers
# pranks played
# english class (official off period)
# wonderful TT n Basketball matches
# assemblies, talks at the audi
# sitting at deserted corridors
# laughing away
# singing at full blast
# dancing to our hearts content
# sport meets
# last minute cramming
# pathetic internet connectivity
# lunch break
# shouting during off periods
# pp presentations
# public speaking class
# the trip to shantiniketan
# fighting for marks
# arguing with teachers
# best birthday parties
# roadside phuchhka
n what else ( I may forget some important stuff you see)
May be like , it will remain incomplete forever because I'll surely miss everything and my mind will forever be there , miss you my BSS !!!