Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coming back to life !

Brimming with joy,
The music on
Beautiful yet tears rolled by.
The November night
Darkness everywhere
Tearing back to present
Solitude elsewhere,
The deserted roads
The empty restaurants
Wine in our hands
And then a drawling voice spoke
Of the broken promises,
The mind flooded with memories
And silence again.
Wondering bleakly
To the lost road
Misunderstanding all over,
His torn jeans
Pursed lips
Leaning against the wall
Thoughts crumbled
Trying to hide the pain…..
And outside it grew
Cooler, bluer n breezier
Drifted from the thoughts
Pretending away,
The empty corners
Far from the crowd
Our faded dreams
Trying to take a shape
And the numbness grew stronger
Legs trembled
As the memories crept in,
The silent rain
The crystal drops on the glass pane
And the desperations
Melting slowly