Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gone With The Wind

This piece is dedicated to my dida who passed away few days back.Well this is the first time I saw someone very close dying in front my eyes. And I cant help but feel helpless but again there is no way other than facing the reality and at the end life surely goes n'.

The doors remain closed
With shackles of fear all around.
I wonder
Over the lost days.
The memoirs tried to calm me
And I embraced them
With a promise of never letting them free.
And the shadows cover me up
I look at the crimson sky.
The misty taste of the tears
Which flows through
Or the cries from a faraway land.
The moonlight shone on her face
As she lifeless lay.
The brains went to haywire
The minds became numb
And the empty soul stayed in forlorn.
Days passed
The nothingness stayed all over.
The burning ashes
And the vaulted sky
The sweet smell
Or the loving words
Stays forever.
Sanity breaks down
But the pain never heals.
The truth beckons
The realization still lingers
Well there’s no way I can defeat the reality.


He@VeN'$ DeV!L said...

loooooovd it ....... well how on earth can i r som1 write better tan tat on t same issue.????

Intriguiging Answers said...

"The memoirs tried to calm me
And I embraced them
With a promise of never letting them free"....Wonderfully written lines...VerY true to the feeling of a resolution of never letting off the memories of people who have ever been close to us...I think its through our memories that we are able to best connect with them when in despair and they always guide us out of it..May her soul rest in peace...

THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!! said...

1st things first: I have never ever seen such a wonderful piece as a memoir... Till the person stays we never realise wat the vaccum mean and can create when he/she will be gone...but when we do, it not only pains for the loss but also for the realization that how much we culd have done with her, for her while she was around...the feelings and the lost expectations haunt..which truly gets reflected in ur writing... Remember her in every step of ur life and cherish the wonderful time u spent with her..and continue to write such heart touching pieces...

kuchsabd said...

a tribute

Human we are,and we have a memory
words are lost but memoirs lives to chart it's destiny.

Time gives birth and gives death,
by its hands feelings live or are suppressed.
Time the mirror of hope
gives happiness and joy too
even in sorrow it presents,
its' immortal memoirs for life
to keep dreams and hope alive...

this is the only way i can say something to your beautiful poem......

APPU said...

wow...brilliant work....

Wild Strawberry! said...

@appu, kuchsabd, The shadow must go on, intriguing answers, heavens devil: Thanks for reading, thanks for the comments, thanks for the inspiration