Sunday, August 31, 2008

And the child moaned........

Come on you
The white roses lying here and there.
I walked barefoot
The thorns hurting me
But who cares?
Bloods all over.
But still I didn’t
In the ecstasy of touching those roses,
White roses drenched in bloods.
All pains inside
Torturing each nights
Within each of us.
How long illusion soothes the mind?
N how long can wrong suppress the right?
The trembling eagerness
Of reaching into oblivion
To start everything afresh.
The silent prayers
The unanswered questions
The broken promises
I was waiting for tomorrow.
But howsoever much I try
The anger never melts
The dreams of all hues
Remains tainted as usual
Howsoever much I try.
From the farthest place
I hear a child moan,
The lullaby seemed like a hoarse voice
Intimidating me,
But that don’t stop me from dreaming
However bothered I might be.


APPU said...

hmmm....awesome thought...nice writing...keep it up....[:)]

Intriguiging Answers said...

"The trembling eagerness
Of reaching into oblivion
To start everything afresh".

these lines describe best"The desire to end everything ,to reach the starting point in an attempt to move from a state of confusion to clarity of thought without the fear of loosing anything..Well put thoughts..i hope ur next poem begins on a more cheerful note..

priyama said...

will definitely try to.....thanz intriuin ans (kg) n appu

Ipsita said...

i didnt have a clue that u write so well...till i came across ur blog! fab job girl...let the talent grow! amazing stuff!!

Me said...

Really touchy..excellent words..thanks..!!

workhard said...

Very emotional work...

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PRAVEEN said...

One Thing I HAve to Admit!

even if u dont get an job anywer, ur poetry wil take u places!!!!!!

Truly A Good... sorry thts an understatment...

Truly A Fabulous Compositions!