Sunday, August 31, 2008

And the child moaned........

Come on you
The white roses lying here and there.
I walked barefoot
The thorns hurting me
But who cares?
Bloods all over.
But still I didn’t
In the ecstasy of touching those roses,
White roses drenched in bloods.
All pains inside
Torturing each nights
Within each of us.
How long illusion soothes the mind?
N how long can wrong suppress the right?
The trembling eagerness
Of reaching into oblivion
To start everything afresh.
The silent prayers
The unanswered questions
The broken promises
I was waiting for tomorrow.
But howsoever much I try
The anger never melts
The dreams of all hues
Remains tainted as usual
Howsoever much I try.
From the farthest place
I hear a child moan,
The lullaby seemed like a hoarse voice
Intimidating me,
But that don’t stop me from dreaming
However bothered I might be.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lost friendship, broken promises and small memoirs

A crowded street, both o’ us trying to get a glimpse of each other and then black and white flashes-Climbing down the stairs, holding hands, whispering…….the grey walls, the sweet smell and the crowded canteen....
Bunking classes, watching movies and those never ending chats…….
And I still remember the day when we said ‘hello’, first time we chatted all throughout the night, how we helped each other during the ragging sessions and all the fun that we had on the fresher’s day….. Still afresh in my mind
Coming college together, the celebrations on the engagement day, the promises of keeping those secrets and fighting over silly matters……unforgettable everything
Shouting in the canteen and murmuring in the classroom, laughing away in corridors and stupid gestures in the class, funny thoughts and happy times…..
Happy times hardly stay and gone are those days……but those moments still hovering around in my mind. I needed some time to get over actually, to forget you, to forget those times, to forget everything that is. But deep inside I knew the fact that it is somehow impossible to forget one’s best times and the ecstasy of touching the pain of losing you was somehow much bigger….
Semester arrived and we became busy with our own stuffs. We didn’t call each other, didn’t smile, didn’t talk n didn’t freak around anymore.
Hatred, ignorance and misunderstandings, well I don’t mind with your own verdict………



The days bygone
The memories yet not blur
Spending times together
Treasured gifts
Precious moments
And the best times finally got over.