Sunday, August 8, 2010

On a sultry summer evening, as we decided to walk...

your hands holdin' mine
as tightly as they could
the sudden urge n' the way they felt.
The hopes that came stomping out
the love or the feeling
the desire or the love
probably everything that got tangled
till they tasted something sweetly bitter,
On the dark dusky evening
as we sat there just you n me
the lovely yellow church some few steps away
and the stars smiling at our shambling madness
you suddenly whispered something in my mouth
never knowing that they'd last forever,
As you stood, your cheeks against mine
stroking gently on my bare skin
and caressing my hair
I could hear them say.
On a lovely, sultry summer evening
I could just hear them say!


Anonymous said...

A sweet love song!!!

Bikash Singh said...

really nice.....full of love ...with all the hidden emotions spreading its light...

shut up n write! said...

@dattaabhishek n bikash singh

err... thankch

sagar V said...

nice wow

shut up n write! said...

@sagar :)

subtlescribbler said...

awesome! they are surely lyrics of your life that you have so beautifully peened down. poignant and heartfelt :)


Wild Strawberry! said...

@sarah: hey thanks