Sunday, August 8, 2010

On a sultry summer evening, as we decided to walk...

your hands holdin' mine
as tightly as they could
the sudden urge n' the way they felt.
The hopes that came stomping out
the love or the feeling
the desire or the love
probably everything that got tangled
till they tasted something sweetly bitter,
On the dark dusky evening
as we sat there just you n me
the lovely yellow church some few steps away
and the stars smiling at our shambling madness
you suddenly whispered something in my mouth
never knowing that they'd last forever,
As you stood, your cheeks against mine
stroking gently on my bare skin
and caressing my hair
I could hear them say.
On a lovely, sultry summer evening
I could just hear them say!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Out

The most eventful get together till date :

() For meeting all at navina n then not watchin the movie. Time crunch :P
() For the sudden rain, for getting wet inspite of having umbrellas n for the coziest cab ride from navina to SC.
() For all the photo shoots at food court, for being Aftershock-ed, for callin me sweet n sexy all at the same time.
() For having the bawal with the auto walah in the middle of the road. *In the mood for bawals*
() For having that perfect lunch (with 500 ml coke n chicken == perfect)
() For the l-o-n-g auto ride with six of us packed n the black clouds. Chilled!
() For ending up at nandi's place (after decades), for getting to watch the video (finally! :D), for letting it go back to where it all started, for the chai n the samosa with the rains.
() For the camera n this SONY moment. Photo courtesy- Nandi, bad editing- me.
() For all the bokboks.
() For the feeling of togetherness (for no extras).
() For the numerous memories (with him) that kept lingering.

And to all these little get togethers that really mean a lot.