Thursday, November 10, 2011

"India Payroll Team wishes you Subho Jonmodin"

I was busy...
busy writing codes and stuffing things into my head.
busy with the presentations at odd hours and making ppts till late nights.
busy gulping down food from 'jhoops'  with strangers whom I started calling Friends.
busy with the hectic schedule in office, with office..
busy missing pami, pak, nilu and some good ol' memories .
been busy pretending things n getting teary eyed every now and then.

But with that all that I did manage to
  • finish Anandamela 
  • be the group rep as well as the module lead (*grinslikeanidiot *)
  • watch before sunset
  • meet up old friends. (kfc, subs and gelato included)
  • learn a new language called java
  • and finally save my blog from dying!

So this is to the new job, to my new friends n to the k13 batch
and to pak, nilu, samba, pami, palu n moh for all the texts and the phone calls that keeps me going in the toughest of hours.


nsecashish said...

"busy gulping down food from 'jhoops' with strangers whom I started calling friends" loved this l9 :D..u write nice girl ;-)

Wild Strawberry said...

Thanks Much

The Girl In The Mirror said...

I miss you too, all the time. :(

The Girl In The Mirror said...

and what is/are "jhoops" btw? :P

Wild Strawberry said...

ohh that is jhupri..:P

little boxes said...

watch Good Night Good Morning, if you've liked Before Sunset :)