Friday, January 11, 2013

For every time I learn to be strong
and make newer promises
For every time I grow up a little more
I hate you.

For every time I choose a wrong a way
and cry out with broken eyes
For every time I give up.
I need you.

For every time you come back
and let me see you in different light
For every time you break me all over again
I find you.

For every time you make me smile
and make me find peace
For every time I desert the world just to be with you
I love you.

For I know if love is this strong, 
I can be stronger...


Anonymous said...

prem tem korchs naki re?

Wild Strawberry said...

Dearest anonymmous,

Anonymous said...

'dearest anonymous'....ha ha ha.

little boxes said...

this whole "with or without you" thing will be the end of all of us.
you know it's not so much about the pain, we just wish that love was simpler.