Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coffee Break !!!

7th August '09, 6:10
@ Barista

It was time for the evening to set in exposing a silent grey world...But today somehow things seemed utterly different overcoming the daily schedules of boring lectures, the evening looked neither that grey nor it sounded that silent amidst-----
() the togetherness
() the clusters of crumbling memories
() the gleaming lights
() the delightful madness
() the happy faces
() the sexy chocolate mousse
() the mesmerizing beauty of my purono Kolkata
() the cheerful grins
() those mysterious faces stripping off their mysteries
() the puddles of colors here and there
() with crimson dreams in sparkling eyes and
() the 'bitter-sweet symphony' in the background
() with the addas over coffee
() which thoroughly included the torkos and the juktis....
() 'some funny thoughts and happy times'.
LOL.....(never knew that strangers can actually turn up to be good friends though!).
Sometimes things happen so fast that there is no time to regret and sometimes you feel soo happy coz u see that old smile back on her face and again sometimes you feel that the harsh reality instead of hurting you is actually making you feel better and at that moment you realize that you are moving on with your life ( priorities do change!)...yeah, winds of change we call it!!
P.S. - And this is dedicated to my best friend 'poly' darling (well just getting used to your new nickname, you see). Truly there are some smiles that time cannot erase and so some all de best mwahs just for you! -:)


Soumya said...

Somehow, the blog's name suits anything and everything you write. very simple and may be there is nothing new, but old fondness and a feeling that touches the heart.

really liked it. :)

workhard said...

Oh wow.. u write so well...

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shut up n write! said...

@ soumya & workhard

hmm thanz