Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The truth digs in
All insane n brutal.
Peeling off the layers
Exposing those raw, bitter, wounded sheaths
Caused from my silent battles,
From travails of love, life n friendship
Over the dingy allies n dirty corners.
Is that the fear, agony, rage, promise
Are all which matters?
I came hurtling back to the place I belonged.
To the blooming roses
To the retreating clouds,
To those fragile dreams
And tender nostalgias.
To the scarlet sky stretching above,
To those jovial smiles
Of my sweet strawberry friendships
The feeling being as light as a feather.
Tearing apart those anguished moments
The tangerine sky provides the solace.
And at times you just cannot ask for more !


Another Ride said...

nice...really good!! especially the last 4 lines... nice to know u can write some really nice stuffs :) keep it up

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Onion Insights said...
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shut up n write! said...

@another ride thaanks

Angshuman said...

read your blog anxious to know what changed between
about me of blogger profile( dreamy and imaginative) and
Redemption( dark gothic and full of anguish)
do reply

shut up n write! said...

@ angshuman
LIFE itself